Let’s Play Rollercoaster Tycoon – Forest Frontiers

I sat down over a few nights last week and destressed by playing through a large chunk of Rollercoaster Tycoon, and it’s been a really great experience. The first level, Forest Frontiers, was a real doozy since I haven’t played this game in literal years, but you can watch the very chill videos and listen/watch me learn how to make the rollercoasters again.

There’s something really beautiful about this game, and I can’t quite put my finger. You have to be on top of the numbers of the game constantly, but it also kind of just moves forward at a direct pace. You can only react and build in response to the unnameable forces that are operating on your park, and I think that strangeness from on high to be really engaging.

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  1. Rollercoaster Tycoon is the perfect lazy Sunday game. My favourite way to play it is take one of the larger parks – Leafy Lake, Dynamite Dunes – and flood them with custom rollercoasters until the landscape resembles multicoloured spaghetti. I’ll play it all day, weaving new coasters in and out of the old ones. And then that’s me done for half a year.

    I’ve been playing it that way since… 1998. Wonderful game

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