May Waver On The Nature of Cybertwee

I feel like we’re referencing a lot of the ideas your cybertwee manifesto covers. Can you tell me a lil bit about that?
Definitely. the term cybertwee was coined by Gabriella Hileman, and in the fall of 2014, she, Violet Forest, and I met up to write this declaration of what it’s about. The central idea is that in our current “digital moment,” sweetness is not weak or frivolous, but rather an important tool for surviving and thriving. It’s a foil to the legacy of cyberpunk and male-dominated tech culture. Cybertwee is a concept or practice that can materialise through art, fashion, music, a personal politic. It’s flexible and queer and cute and clever.

– Isabelle Hellyer, “May Waver sees strength in tenderness

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