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Current Times 17

1. Zizek has an essay up at the London Review of Books about the riots. Just read the bloody thing, you know you want to. 2. Penny Red, or Laurie Penny, has a book coming out that seems to be … Continue reading

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Current Times 14

1. This is an interesting Wired article about disability and gaming. Like the comics industry, gaming industry is not known for straying outside of its tried-and-true base of young men. I will be very, very surprised if the industry responds … Continue reading

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Zizek’s Magical Symphony

I read it today. It’s about Zizek and his radical arm gestures. I think it’s one of the smartest things that I’ve read in a while, as far as satire is concerned, but there’s something down in me that’s sad … Continue reading

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Quote Time 3

As was clear to Rousseau, the excess of religious commitment is a displaced return of the repressed sexual passion: the true factor of de-sexualization is not religious spirituality but the atheistic Enlightenment which dissolves passion with cold utilitarian understanding, reducing … Continue reading

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The Godless Financial Sector

The idea of a “Godless America” has had me interested for quite some time. Though Europe is seemingly moving closer to a secular place, the United States continue to experience a religious revival period about once every fifty years or … Continue reading

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