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Quotidian Fiction Tweets About Philosophers

"Game one, de Landa!" Manuel yelled as he slammed the domino down. Bruno Latour babbled–"but, but, but"–and the crowd roared. — CMRN KNZLMN (@ckunzelman) January 7, 2013 Old Man Bogost looked out at the town. He could hear the stories … Continue reading

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Or, What Is It Like To Be A Thing?

I MADE A GAME SO PLAY IT.  I often go on and on about people who study games and write about games having a kind of obligation to understand how games are made and be familiar with the materiality of … Continue reading

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How I Politically Situate Myself

I followed The Nonhuman Turn conference closely. I watched the keynotes, kept up on twitter, and got the lowdown about the moment-to-moment from people on the ground. I was involved in it, in a way that only the internet allows, … Continue reading

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A Thing We Do With Video Games

I read Ian Bogost’s How To Do Things With Video Games on a plane last weekend. I think it is a really smart book that acts as a really great introduction to video game studies, and more particularly, I think … Continue reading

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Bogost’s Unit Operations and the Strangeness of Simulation

Over the Christmas break, and on Christmas day itself, I was reading Ian Bogost’s Unit Operations: An Approach to Video Game Criticism.  Immediately after that I read a Thomas M. Disch novel, but after that I read Tom Bissell’s Extra Lives: … Continue reading

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