Other Writing

So this is a convenient list of writing that I did that lives somewhere else.


Alien Phenomenology book review – Itineration
Comics Versus Art 
book review – ImageText


Bound By Flame – review – Paste Magazine
Chrono Trigger
by Michael P. Williams – review – Paste Magazine

“The Violent Sexism of Metal Gear Solid V – feature – Paste Magazine

Actual Sunlight – review – Paste Magazine
South Park: The Stick of Truth
– review – 
Paste Magazine
by Ken Baumann – review – 
Paste Magazine
Secrets of Raetikon
 – review – Paste Magazine

The Walking Dead S2:E1
 – review – Paste Magazine

Castles in the Sky – review – Paste Magazine
Interview at First Person Scholar
Five Out of Ten Issue #3 – Reflecting Reality 
“Black T-Shirts: The Original Invisibility Cloaks” at The Atlantic

Podcast about Horror with Tara Ogaick
“The Next Vanilla Ice?” (on Riff Raff) at We Are Respectable Negroes
Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine
– review – 
Paste Magazine
Sexism in Gaming panel at ESTUCon
Sim City
 – review – Paste Magazine
“Rinoa and Death” – essay – Nightmare Mode
“Sometimes games want to make you think they are critiquing violence…” – essay – NM
“What Does it Mean for Video Games to be Smart” (with Ethan Gach) – debate – NM

Other People’s Words Dealing With My Words:

Elisabeth Ehlin – “Seeing the World Through Robot Eyes
Horatio & Beans – “10

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