I’m at Theorizing the Web 2014 today

Today I’m at Theorizing the Web 2014 giving a talk about videogame life, or rather, giving a longform speculative talk about the ontology of games if games are creatures in which humans are organs rather than objects that human subjects act upon. I promise it will be interesting!

Our panel begins at 2pm EST and apparently it will be streamable at that time at this link.

If you want to ask questions during the Q&A, tweet with that hashtags #TtW14 #a2. You need both because there are three panels going on at once and the second hash allows for distinction between the three.

For what it is worth, my paper is structured around thinking I’ve been doing with the work of Lyotard, Haraway, and Burroughs. If any of those send positive signals for your brain, you’ll probably like the talk!



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