Send Me Your Contemporary Horror Recommendations!

This is just a quick post to ask you for some help!

Recommend me some contemporary horror stories, preferably written and in the short story format. Anything that you like, from any subgenre. I want to get deep in this stuff, and I need your help! Interpret this as broadly as you want!

Post your recs in the comments! The best kind of stuff would be things that are freely available online, but I’m willing to pay a little to learn a lot.



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11 Responses to Send Me Your Contemporary Horror Recommendations!

  1. albinobat says:

    I like Thomas Ligotti a lot(ti). Here’s one of his short stories online, “The Red Tower”:

  2. Commenting in the right place this time 🙂

    I’m a fan of cyberpunk goddess Pat Cadigan, this one has a decidedly un-cyberpunk feel:

    Anything from Neil Gaiman’s collections are great. I heard him read a new short (“Water”) last year… It was pretty beautiful.

  3. If I may toot my own horn (and if you can find a copy), I created/wrote a 6-issue series illustrated by the fantabulous Fiona Staples for Wildstorm (now folded into DC Comics) called “North 40.” It’s a modern-day small-town Lovecraftian tale.

    If DC wants me to write more, I will! 🙂

  4. Matt Hare says:

    I’ll heartily second the Ligotti, and would especially recommend ‘Our Temporary Supervisor’:

    It’s like Lovecraft rewriting Marx. Which I suppose in this context is just kind of like saying it’s like Kafka. A good one either way.

  5. dapperanarchist says:

    Hate to respond with a question, but how modern is modern? Would a story a couple decades old by a writer still writing count? If so, then the SF-horror ‘Sandkings’ by George RR Martin. Great example of that nightmarish feeling where you literally get back what you give, and what you gave was heartlessness, arrogance, cruelty, hatred, and violence.

    If you’re willing to REALLY stretch the definition of horror – Straw Dogs by John Gray. It’s actually a book of philosophy, in the form of a series of aphorisms/short, loosely connected paragraphs (rather like a mid-career Nietzsche), about the utter meaninglessness of life, ethics, values, and hope, and the utter futility of progress. More just a downer than horrifying.

    Free online stuff – there’s the old web classics of creepypasta (which I haven’t read, but hear they’re good, if a bit jump-scary) and the SCP Foundation (have read, some are brilliant, others are rather mediocre, some are actually kind of funny), and there’s a whole bunch of webcomic adaptations of old horror, mostly Lovecraft – is an adaptation of The Outside. There’s also some original horror comics out there, like Kingfisher (homoerotic vampire wars!).

  6. jmlutz says:

    Limiting myself just to things I can find online that have previously made an impression on me:

    Laird Barron’s “The Procession of the Black Sloth”:

    Peter Watts’ “The Things”:

    David Nickle’s “The Sloan Men”:

    Tanarive Due’s “Patient Zero”:

    Mallory Ortberg’s “A Christmas Story”:

    I may think of more later.

    oh also if we can say our own stuff then obvious this story about scarecrows this one about corn mazes and this one about ponies

  7. Anything by Harlan Ellison – especially “I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream,” a look at a truly malevolent computer and its torturous revenge on what it sees as humanity’s failing faults

  8. Clint Emsley says:

    I like the frat boy horror of John Dies at the End

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