go read the text of TJ Thomas’ Indiecade talk

A snippet of the text that TJ Thomas posted:

to say that “we’re doing better” is a facade. we are only doing better in some areas, in some sects of the community, within certain groups. the community as a whole hasn’t improved– in multiple ways, it’s actually gotten worse. “we’re doing better” functions as nothing more than an ingenuine way to encourage ourselves that things are getting better, but i think it’s a lot more dangerous of a statement than people let on, especially in an industry that tries to find as many ways around genuine community improvement as possible.

when the words “we’re doing better” are uttered in a culture that is powered by abuse and exploitation, we’re essentially ignoring those things for a short confidence boost that ultimately will lead to our further exploitation. the words “we’re doing better” get heard by a member of the upper echelon, and they process that as “don’t change a thing.” once that happens, the cycle of mistakes continues yet again.

I just want to signal boost and tell you that you should go read it.

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  1. Gach says:

    Do you know if there was a video feed of the talk that might be out there somewhere?

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