Sway Talks About Riff Raff

If you’re up on your Critical Riff Raff Studies, you know that there is a now-infamous interview where a Hot 97 producer took Riff to task about embodying hip hop stereotypes as a white man. I wrote a bit about that in a guest article for W.A.R.N.

The opening of this short interview with Riff Raff has Sway responding to the arguments made during the Hot 97 segment. Note that I’ve removed some of Heather B’s interjections from this transcription to make it a little more smooth.

SWAY: Our next guest right now, I consider him a friend of the show, first time he came on…let me tell you why man. Because I like people who built…truth, their own truth. I don’t care if my truth isn’t what their truth is as long as they represent their truth and they not being facetious about what they feel, what they say, what they do and when he came up on this show I will admit that I wasn’t as well-versed on his rap history as I should have been. I knew he put out about twelve mixtapes and usually after the first two mixtapes, Heather B, I don’t keep going.

HEATHER B: Right, right.

SWAY: Those are like movies with a lot of sequels. But when the man came up on this show and had a good time with us, our audience, I asked him to rap. And I didn’t even ask him to freestyle, I just said give me a verse and the man said throw on a beat and was killin’ ’em off the top of the head with metaphors that just kept us in stitches.

HEATHER B: Sway, he said “I’m older than the moon and the sun.”

SWAY: Damn! Off the top! Meanwhile, I ask a lot of rappers to come, rappers–who rap!–and them bitches won’t do it. And so I’m always going to give him props, because no matter what you say about him, and for some reason people like to give him a lot of backlash, at least he raps if you ask him to. Welcome to the show, the one and only Riff Raff.

I have no idea how to embed the video, you can see it here.

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