Refuse to be Terrorized

The bombings yesterday left me emotionally wiped out. I don’t have anything to add, or to say, or to analyze.

Bruce Schneier has it right over at The Atlantic. We shouldn’t let ourselves be terrorized into hunts or fights or violence or limitations of basic freedoms. Calm heads should prevail here.

How well this attack succeeds depends much less on what happened in Boston than by our reactions in the coming weeks and months. Terrorism isn’t primarily a crime against people or property. It’s a crime against our minds, using the deaths of innocents and destruction of property as accomplices. When we react from fear, when we change our laws and policies to make our country less open, the terrorists succeed, even if their attacks fail. But when we refuse to be terrorized, when we’re indomitable in the face of terror, the terrorists fail, even if their attacks succeed. [link]

I would quote the whole post if I could; I encourage you to read it.

My thoughts are with the victims in Boston.

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