Released: Funeral


You can click the image to skip all this reading and just go play Funeral.

A few months ago I ran a Kickstarter to fund myself. Or, well, it was to fund a “game” that I had been trying to work out in my head. It would be a top down RPG-looking thing, but without combat. It would rely on my own childhood memories of Dragon Warrior. It would also be about a funeral.

I’m not very clever. The game is finished. It is called Funeral.

I’m not one for artist statements or explanations.

The dialogue is slightly randomized per NPC, so you could play it a couple times to get a more “full” feel of the game. I was trying to figure out what a Dear Esther mixing of narratives would mean in a JRPG-style context. I implemented it. It works in the sense that it is there.

I don’t have much more to say about it, so now go play Funeral

You can also download the OST for the game here (I don’t know why you would want to, but it might be fun.)

You can check out all of the games that that I have made here.


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