Bad Monday

I flew back from Seattle last night and got in around 10pm. I had to be up and around at 6am, ready to do BIG STUFF at 8, and I have a big-deal meeting at 10.

I don’t have time to impress today. So, that said, here are three things:

1. A cool panel from A God Somewhere, a comic that I will write about later this week.

2. Jim Rossignol writes about the joys of falling through the floor, or as I would call it, watching the world break.

This breaking down of walls, or floors, has occurred routinely over the years, occasionally improving the experience. For example, the mediocre Monster Truck Madness title on the original Playstation was a game that held little interest for me and my friends, until we realised you could leap outside of the bounds of the first level. Over a textured cliff and into the sky beyond. Out there lay a vast landscape of abstract valleys and vertiginous cliffs. Suddenly the game proper was abandoned, and a surreal adventure in leaping from vast polygonal precipices became our preoccupation.

3. A NIN track that I’ve been listening to lately.

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