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On Dear Esther

THERE ARE SPOILERS FOR DEAR ESTHER IN THIS POST. (This is me from the future. I have made another post about this game, and I basically changed everything I thought in point #1 below. Check it out.) As faithful readers will … Continue reading

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The End of PunisherMAX

So PunisherMAX ended recently. The Punisher is one of the few superhero comics characters that I actually care about, and so I have a certain amount of mourning for that. I realize that, as a superhero character, The Punisher can come … Continue reading

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Macke Interview at Figure/Ground

This is really just a quick thing, but a prof/mentor/friend of mine, Dr. Frank Macke, has been interviewed by Figure/Ground about a lot of different things. I think that the things he has to say about his formulation of communicology is … Continue reading

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Current Times 24

1. The Atlantic points out that the HTML code for a pretty racist ad about jobs contains the class tag “yellow girl.” It is, presumably, referring to the Asian woman in the video. This is racist for a load of … Continue reading

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Music Time 34

So a new Burial EP came out yesterday, titled Kindred, and I have been listening to it pretty much nonstop all day long. I don’t have any real content to give you today, so have some brand spanking new music. This … Continue reading

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Stories That Suck

Let me give you a quick recap: Jason Schreier wrote a post on his blog responding to Andrew Groen’s twitter assertion that “game stories are near universally shit.” Schreier gives an appropriate and smart response, suggesting that games criticism should develop … Continue reading

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It is Scu’s Birthday!

It is Scu’s birthday today, so everyone should wish him a happy time and whatnot. Last night I went over to his place for a little shindig, and to get into the complex I had to get a little visitor’s … Continue reading

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