Current Times 23

1. This is a collection of the Wizard “how to draw female comic characters” by Livejournal user Ratcreature, and it is brilliant. There is something wildly strange about it, and it illustrates (hah) really well how ideology concerning gender is communicated in the comics industry. This is, after all, THE WAY to draw women in comics which was published in the biggest comics magazine. I remember this series, actually. I was probably in middle school and I just kept drawing the Michael Turner “sexy face” over and over again, and I was really bad at it. What can I say? This kind of thing colonizes minds.

2. This is an article for The Guardian in which Cory Doctorow asserts that the internet is an integral tool for contemporary revolution and struggle. It is yet another first world attempt to legitimize the first world lifestyle without having to actually take into account conditions on the ground–the unspoken assumption that Doctorow begins with, which is “everyone in the country ripe for revolt has access to the internet,” is basically just wrong. We’re getting closer to the grim meathook future, and Doctorow is one of the reasons why internet denizens will never really understand it.

3. This is an old article about how things like “honor” work in video games and how those concepts constellate with real world issues like racism. It is a remarkable anecdotal study of the behavior of game players. For reasons that should be obvious to anyone who has ever played an online game, the language is horrifying.

4. This is an article about a game, called “Train,” in which you follow strict rules that end with trains packed full of people pulling into Auschwitz. I am probably going to do a slightly longer post about this article next week, but if you are interested in reading the article now, check it out. (Thanks to Dustin.)

5. This is a smart post at Big Other about animal studies and a Rilke poem. You know you want to read that.

6. On the tail of that post, read this Biblioklept post about why Horse Movies Suck.

7. The United States pressured Spain into passing stringent anti-piracy laws under economic threat/predictions (those things are the same sometimes). Thanks Wikileaks!

8. This is a Partial Objects snippet about aesthetics and killing (that’s what I think it is about, anyway.)

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