Books I Read in 2011

I take these kinds of lists very seriously. The books on this list are books that I read every single word of, every page, cover to cover. I don’t write down the names of books and articles that I read in any other way, and if I did it would probably quadruple this list; heavy research about a number of interdisciplinary topics will do that to you. I also don’t write down most of the books that I read in an academic context. I don’t have a strong reason for doing this, I just don’t write them down. This list is in rough chronological order. Some of the books are re-reads. So, without further pause, a list of books that proves how eccentric I am/was in 2011.

  1. Deleuze and Guattari: Intersecting Lives – Dosse
  2. Awkwardness – Kotsko
  3. Inferno – Dante
  4. Full Dark, No Stars – King
  5. The Elementary Particles – Houellebecq
  6. The Dechronization of Sam Magruder – Simpson
  7. Al Qaeda or What it Means to Be Modern – Gray
  8. Powers: Deluxe vol. 2 – Bendis/ Oeming
  9. Powers: Deluxe vol.3 – Bendis/ Oeming
  10. It – King
  11. The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch – Dick
  12. The Sirens of Titan – Vonnegut
  13. The Future of the Image – Ranciere
  14. Little Things – Brown
  15. The Perry Bible Fellowship Almanac – Gurewich
  16. Specters of Marx – Derrida
  17. The City and the City – Mieville
  18. The Accursed Share vol.1 – Bataille
  19. Camp Concentration – Disch
  20. Hellboy Collected vol.1 – Mignola
  21. Hellboy Collected vol.2 – Mignola
  22. Hellboy Collected vol.3 – Mignola
  23. Hellboy Collected vol.4 – Mignola
  24. The Accursed Share vols.2-3 – Bataille
  25. Shadow and Claw – Wolfe
  26. Sword and Citadel – Wolfe
  27. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen vol.1 – Moore
  28. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen vol.2 – Moore
  29. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier – Moore
  30. Swallow Me Whole – Powell
  31. Urth of the New Sun – Wolfe
  32. Revolver – Kindt
  33. Hell’s Angels – Thompson
  34. Humiliation – Koestenbaum
  35. I Am Alive and You Are Dead – Carrere
  36. The Brothers Karamazov – Dostoevsky
  37. Brief Interviews with Hideous Men – Wallace
  38. The Chuckling Whatsit – Sala
  39. To Reign in Hell – Brust
  40. Was Superman a Spy? – Cronin
  41. Like a Velvet Glove Case in Iron – Clowes
  42. Billi 99 – Byam
  43. Encyclopedia of the Dead – Kis
  44. Reality is Broken – McGonigal
  45. Anti-Matter – Jeffrey
  46. The Stranger – Camus
  47. American Elf vol.2 – Kochalka
  48. American Elf vol.3 – Kochalka
  49. Any Empire – Powell
  50. The Ecstasy of Influence – Lethem
  51. Supergods – Morrison
  52. The Genocides – Disch

On completing this list, I realize that I only read two books authored by women over the past year, and that is problematic. It isn’t a very multicultural list, either. There are things to be rectified, and that’s why I make lists like this. It’s useful to get some perspective, and I obviously need to do some altering to my reading habits.

In any case, I would love to talk about any of these books with anyone.

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4 Responses to Books I Read in 2011

  1. You seem to have a totally different reading list than anything I could ever come up with (which is cool!). So, if I was looking for something to read from here, is there anything in particular you’d recommend?

    • kunzelman says:

      I can give you three recs:
      1. All of the Wolfe books up there–there are five books in the series total. It is the smartest book that I have ever read in the science fiction or fantasy genre. I am still puzzling over it. I hated it while I was reading it. That said, I think it is one of the most rewarding books (and it’s really just one big book) that I have ever read. This is only a rec you should listen to if you want something hard/will make you smarter, and I understand if that isn’t what you want.

      2. Swallow Me Whole by Jeff Powell might be my favorite comic, or even book, of all time. I think it’s about $12 for a hardcover on Amazon. It takes an afternoon or so to read, and it actually rewards multiple readings, so that is my rec if you want something in the comic book genre.

      3. The Genocides by Thomas Disch. It is a short science fiction book about what happens when 600 foot tall plants invade Earth. It is amazingly smart and horrifying and smooth all at the same time. I really, really liked it.

  2. Ruby Hawkins says:

    Cameron, I envy you reading all these books in one year. It’s wonderful.

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