Current Times 21

1. Uno Moralez does great art. Look at it. Some of it is amazing creepy.

2. You can download all of Mousrat’s/Scarecrow Boat’s music at this link. Now you can jam out to a Lil Sebastian memorial tune.

3. Feminist Ryan Gosling is hilarious. Go there.

4. A conversation about violence and images between Critchley and Jaar. Read it. It’s really damn cool.

5. B. Dolan gives a short interview where he talks about the intersection of hip hop and science fiction. I don’t know if I agree with him, but it’s certainly interesting.

6. Rainn Wilson plays a mystery show host. It is brilliant.

7. Steve Niles posted a really great horror comic for free on his blog. I don’t agree with his  piracy talk, but damn if that comic isn’t really, really horrifying.

8. Annalee Newitz says some big stuff about Reamde, the new Stephenson novel. I find it very, very hard to believe that the novel can be anything even close to the great American novel, but you should be aware of this review. Also, I want to remember it for when I read the novel and form a real opinion.







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