Current Times 19

Sorry that I’ve not been posting, I’ve been really busy.

1. I think that The Clandestinauts is a really cool webcomic. I like adventure comics, and this one isn’t shitty. Read it.

2. Orson Scott Card, an author I absolutely hate, has rewritten Hamlet. Read this review of it.

3. Rock Paper Shotgun defends complaining. I think that complaining is the only way that we can have proper dialogue about a subject. The very idea that we shouldn’t offer complaints is a suggestion that we should just sit down and shut up. It’s the equivalence of saying “Don’t vote, it’s not polite to pick a candidate.” I am a big fan of having to defend positions. So there.

4. Si Spurrier talks about writing his new novel in this interview. I think that Spurrier is eternally interesting, and I especially likes when he spouts off things like this:

I guess from a tonal point of view I approached it with half an eye on the Victorian Gothic tradition, in which plot and genre go hand-in-hand with an overwhelming sense of “the unseen”. That turbulent, romantic (in the original sense) vibe is very compelling, and great for suspense. And – it turns out – it works beautifully when slotted into a sleazier, modern context. Besides, on a more specific level there’s a preoccupation in those old books with spiritual forces, the occult, the supernatural: all of which are often invoked as metaphors – or mentioned in passing – but rarely manifested. To an extent that’s part of the fabric of A Serpent Uncoiled: the tension between the knowable and the unknowable.

5. The Black Tongue has a blog post up about a police watch that we received from our university. His main critique is the casual racism by campus cops, and it’s valid. Read the whole thing here.

6. Adam Kotsko, in his 9/11 post at AUFS, essentially asserts that 9/11 didn’t change anything in the U.S. and the it only “accelerated” executive power increases that were bound to happen anyway. I think that’s silly. The name of 9/11 opens Gitmo, creates two wars, and generates a kind of government-affirmed racism and hatred that hadn’t happened since the Vietnam war. In any case, read his post, because it’s interesting.

7. PopMatters has an article about the film Contagion and some of the fun things that it signals about the world that we live in. Read it.

And that’s all right now.







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