Weekend Update

I’m just writing a quick post to let readers of the blog know that I won’t be keeping the same schedule that I was able to keep over the summer. I have (mostly) been making four 500+ word posts a week, and that’s pretty hard to keep up. Now that Uni is back in, I have to focus on doing student work and whatnot.

I’ll probably be posting more short stuff like the post immediately before this one–snips and commentary on links or whatnot that I found around the web. Photos will probably still be a weekly thing, too.

Other content could be: papers I write, work on Bataille for my 2/3 finished thesis, work on comics for a conference that I am going to, and probably words about books that I am reading.

It will still be fun.

To finish, a quote from the late Hunter S. Thompson

The implications were not pleasant–at ten the law was going to pull out, seal off the area and let the orgy begin. – Hell’s Angels p.166

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