Current Times 17

1. Zizek has an essay up at the London Review of Books about the riots. Just read the bloody thing, you know you want to.

2. Penny Red, or Laurie Penny, has a book coming out that seems to be a collection of blog stuff and whatnot. She’s a great writer and a damn smart person and you should probably buy the book when it comes out.

3. Unemployed Negativity has a post about Rise of the Planet of the Apes that is an interesting companion piece to the one that I wrote earlier this week. Not really even related, but he does a lot more work than I do setting you up for some history of the work. Read it.

4. The West Memphis Three might be released soon. This is huge, and it needed to happen so much earlier, but this is better than them dying in prison. I’m sad that they have to plead guilty, but I’m sure they don’t care.

5. This article about opacity in police records in California is interesting and sad. There’s something brutal in an enemy (and to the communities this article is talking about, the police are definitely an enemy) who cannot be known, that is faceless, and is not “born,” nor does it “grow.” The police, in this situation, are simply a force that rampages.

6. Read this article to learn about some rich assholes and how they hated balloons.

7. For Lack of a Better Comic sums up reality 

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