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On Reading Bataille 1

Like I said before, this is going to be a blog of clippy posts for a while, but I’ve come across something that is interesting that I want to talk about. I’m reading Sensible Ecstasy by Amy Hollywood, and she makes the … Continue reading

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Music Time 27

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Weekend Update

I’m just writing a quick post to let readers of the blog know that I won’t be keeping the same schedule that I was able to keep over the summer. I have (mostly) been making four 500+ word posts a … Continue reading

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On Young Women and Reading

This is just a short post, but it’s something that needs to be talked about. The New York Times has published an article by Robert Lipsyte about the lack of young adult novels for boys. I think it’s pretty fucked, and … Continue reading

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The Worst That Can Happen

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Music Time 26

Not a lot to say about this. It’s a Rasputina joint–“The Mayor” It’s good.

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Current Times 17

1. Zizek has an essay up at the London Review of Books about the riots. Just read the bloody thing, you know you want to. 2. Penny Red, or Laurie Penny, has a book coming out that seems to be … Continue reading

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