As the title says, I am buried underneath work. I’ve been getting up really early and then working on my thesis, and by early, I mean 8am early.

Have I told you about my thesis?

The gist of my argument is that McCarthy’s Child of God and Sharon Rudahl’s Acid Temple Ball are both ways of thinking about Bataille’s theory of communication. By that, I mean that there are two separate ways of speaking about communication for Bataille, and both extend from the world “cleave.” ATB shows us a world where all of the major characters are attached to one another through a unifying use of drugs and sex. CoG is the story of a radical separation from those things–Lester Ballard is sexually, physically, and locally denied an experience of community, and because of that he abandons any attempt at communication.

There’s a lot about expenditure in there, and shit, I don’t even know if that makes sense, but I think that it’s coming together and my mind is breaking under everything I’m trying to get done with it.

Hopefully someone will come along and set me right.

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  1. Colin Downes says:

    Please do post your thesis when you finish.

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