Something for a Thursday

Just some little things to say today. I received the new issue of Kill Screen  in the mail and I read it all in one sitting, so I’ll probably put up a review of that tomorrow.

Speaking of review, the class that I  am TAing (like I did last year) over the summer is coming to a close, and the students are having to edit one of the papers they wrote during the semester. They have to strengthen it, make it better, do whatever to it in order to make it pretty and nice. During class, we talked about the editing process, and that some people don’t like rewriting papers. I struggle with rewriting–often I have created a little universe in the writing, and rewriting a paper feels like I’m starting all over.

Upon thinking about it, though, I think that one of the reasons I don’t like to rewrite is that I do a lot of editing while writing, and I don’t know a more brutal editor than me. I am ruthless, especially with my own writing, and it’s rare that I don’t crush the life out of my writing to make it better. This has exceptions, of course: I don’t edit this blog very hard, and if there’s a deadline, I might turn in some mindspew.

In any case, it also made me think about my partner, Kelly, who is the only other person who is as brutal as I am about my writing. She will tear it apart and tell me that it’s bad and that I should start over. Or she’ll say it’s too confusing and shame me. In any case, it makes me really happy.


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