Current Times 14

1. This is an interesting Wired article about disability and gaming. Like the comics industry, gaming industry is not known for straying outside of its tried-and-true base of young men. I will be very, very surprised if the industry responds to demands to increase accessibility in any real way, but I really wish that they would. I really applaud Brink for having full-customizable controls. Too bad that game went south fast.

2. This is a short history of the webcomic. My first introduction to webcomics had to have been around 1998 or ’99, which means I was less than ten years old, but I was online and reading webcomics that were posted up on AOL boards. I’m pretty sure the board was shut down a couple years later because they were having massive problems with sexual predators. In any case, I can really appreciate the article.

3. This article at Crunk Feminist Collective needs to be read by everyone. Everyone needs to question the products of their allegiances. A choice quote:

I’ve had more conversations than I can count with homegirls about dudes who were treating them like crap but being nice while doing it. By being nice, they meant dude didn’t call them names, or curse at them, or hit them. Um, #respectisjustaminimum. But he might routinely stand them up, ignore them, cheat, or be generally selfish. But as long as dude spoke to them in a calm manner, was nice to his mama, and occasionally treated them well, his fucked up actions were viewed as the anomaly.

I think there is an element of this at play with Breezy. To roundly condemn his actions is seen as being judgmental. And Black communities love the #onlyGodcanjudgeme meme, however short-sighted, it might be, particularly when it is often deployed to keep us from holding one another accountable.

4. This is Achewood’s prediction for this month. I am willing to bet that it will come true.

5. Dylan Trigg has a post up at Side Effects called “The Language of Hauntings,” but the title is a little deceiving. He has some choice things to say, most of which can be boiled down to the fact that the human mind is haunted by expression, and while I have some thoughts about the post, I think that it would just be better if you went and read it. Choice quote:

To the body of Spilliaert, to the body of those who are haunted, and to symptoms that have no rational place within the scheme of the subject: when the body of the human turns to the mirror and finds another self gazing back, then the experience of surprise is only because the body is unable to think in advance of its expression. Indeed, part of the horror written into Spilliaert’s face is as much a horror of being haunted by the premature arrival of a ghost, as it is the horror that the ghost was there all along. How does this expression come into the world? Is there a silence into which a fortuitous circumstance — Spilliaert being placed between two mirrors in a particular room — allows the expression to take shape? Put another way, is this setting simply the means by which the haunted inner world becomes audible?

Trigg wrote a really cool book called The Aesthetics of Decay that I have been looking through even though I don’t have any time to be looking through books that aren’t about my thesis. You should check it out.

6. The Guardian has a new interview with Zizek on their site, just like they do every other week. It’s pretty funny, and he talks about random things.

7. This is an incredibly researched article about Frank Miller and the creation of The Dark Knight Returns. It’s an amazing read and if you care even the slightest about comics, take the time. Be prepared; it’s pretty long.

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  1. A D Jameson says:

    Thanks for the link! And the TDKR analysis is pretty long—but I wanted to be thorough! Parts 8 and 9 are coming soon (and that should be it). Cheers, Adam

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