Current Times 11

1. Patrick Rothfuss wrote a little piece on American Gods. I think that it’s fun, and it really speaks to an enjoyment of the book that I feel. I saw P. Roth on a panel at The House on the Rock, and it changed my life. That sweet, sweet baritone voice. Read it here.

2. I think that David Firth is a comedic genius. I think that he makes really impressive art that almost borders on performance, even though it is animated. For example, watch this video. It is called “I Am Not A Serial Killer.”

3. Play this game called “The Killer.” The gist of the game is that you press the spacebar, trek across Cambodia, and make a decision when you reach a field. It cuts close to a short story or microfiction. It assaults you with color. The world changes around the character that you make walk. Everything is beautiful, and you have to make a decision. I fired into the air. I think there’s art here, and it’s something phenomenological and it wants to enfold you and fuck just play it.

4. The Hauntological Society has a really cool post up of Mark Fisher, of k-punk, talking about non-times and non-places. Check it out.

5. Joel Levin is a teacher who uses Minecraft to teach kids. He should be lauded for that, and his teaching of computer science stuff is really cool. I really like Minecraft, and I really like education, so this is the perfect match for me. The best thing about it, however, is that he pushes internet etiquette on these kids. I think that we need a sense of what we are supposed to do on the internet, especially since my generation (and especially my parents generation) are goddamn idiots on the internet. Minecraft has a sense of ownership to it that a lot of things on the internet do not–you build, you become invested, you are productive. There just aren’t a lot of digital experiences like that, and I’m glad these kids are getting one.

6. Witch house runs my life right now. Read this article. Refer to the quote below.

I’ve taken to calling it RPG Funk, because that’s exactly what it is. It’s like WoW coupled with Soundcloud. The real magic lies in the fact that in order for the game to work, people have to create actual art to talk about. Due to this, there actually is some really tremendous work coming from what is, essentially, a fabrication. A fictitious genre of music made to fuel the strangest MMORPG on the internet today.

7. Hyper tiling has some commentary on the Mieville talk that I have posted about/listened to five time. It’s interesting. It’s about the Weird. Read it.

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