On Witch House

I don’t think that I have a lot to say about witch house right now, other than it produces a profound sense of emotion when I listen to it. It’s some clever shit. I started listening to it because China Mieville told me to. He didn’t tell me personally or anything, but I heard it during a lecture he gave about the Weird. He thinks that witch house can be mined for something. I do too.

The wikipedia page doesn’t really tell you anything about the music itself, so don’t bother. It just genealogizes and argues about where it came from, but not what it is. Warren Ellis recently posted a thread about it on Whitechapel, which is what really got me googling. Everything has converged to make me listen to a music that feels like a beating pulse from under floorboards. That’s what it feels like. A pulsing secret.

I really made this post just to say that I like witch house. I have been up since 6:30am. It’s been a rough day.

In any case, listen to this track. It’s gonna be big, and by big, I mean that 50,000 people will listen to it on the internet. In the dark.

Haruki Tamesue – Slow Burn from William Sarradet on Vimeo.

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