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1. This is a horrible review of Sucker Punch. So horrible that it gets two facts wrong in the first paragraph. The first is that Snyder didn’t direct Sin City–Robert Rodriguez did. Just read it. It’s pretty obvious that the writer didn’t pay attention to the movie that he was watching.

2. The Crunk Feminist Collective has a great post about the American celebrations of bin Laden’s death.

But, I suspect for some others these celebrations are not about anything like that. For these folks, the public carrying on at the White House, on Facebook, and elsewhere is about applauding American imperialism, feeling vindicated in our invincibility, and generally acting a racist fool (cue the inevitable anti-Arab sentiment).  And I just can’t cosign on folks wanting to engage in some collective jingoistic masturbation. I just can’t.

I feel roughly the same way. The author of the post goes further and says that Pyrrhic victories shouldn’t be celebrated. I think that’s probably right. The lack of centralization in the various terrorist groups that are anti-United States right now means that the death of one person means very little, and the huge celebration makes no sense to me. It’s like watching people burn American flags after an embassy bombing.

3. Kill Screen is apparently entering the Pitchfork network of internet stuff. I’m not happy about that; I liked when they were just some little independent company putting out bomb magazines. It will probably be better, though. More funding for them might mean more savings for me!

4. This is a post about the comic Who is Jake Ellis? (on another note, that comic is written by a total fucking asshole.) I take issue with the idea that comic books are somehow filled with attractive people and only attractive people. Sure, superhero comics are, but this isn’t a superhero comic. The world of real-world emulation comics is full of incredibly ugly people. The Punisher: MAX, 100 Bullets, Sin City: all of these are filled with people who are ugly, both on the outside and the inside. There’s something in the comic book world that means if it isn’t wish fulfillment, then it must be a rage against wish fulfillment. So this is par for the course. The comic book industry boggles my mind sometimes; it’s like we just say things for the sake of saying them. Journalism is a hole.


Beckett from Dinlos and Skilldos

6. Jodi Dean writes 35% of everything that is worth my time and posted on the internet.

The television media quickly made it clear that this sort of anticipation has no place: the war on terrorism is endless, total. It won’t stop. We are not the same people. We have been reconfigured in a massive psycho-political experiment in transforming democracy into fascism, or a new barbarous variant of fascism, capitalist anarcho-fascism.

We are now the sort of people who cheer for death and murder, who repeat mindless lies, who glory in inequality–not bread and circuses but cheetos and reality tv. Everything is a game, yet we don’t even recognize the levels on which it is played, the levels on which we aren’t players at all but the targets captured or shot as the real players, hot shots, move on up.

7. Verso has an excerpt up from a book they published of some collected bin Laden speeches and whatnot. Read it for the intro in which the editor tells you the future, the present, and the past. Also, there’s a poem by bin Laden in there.

8. Finally, Nick Harkaway, author of Gone Away World, does some interesting research to suggest that Asimov and bin Laden might be more connected than you think. That was my attempt at writing a television news lead. I hope it worked.

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    Nice news lead. I bought it.

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