Current Times 7

1. Kill Screen’s online portion has a great article about ethics and how we deal with ethics in video games. It confirms some of the suspicions that I’ve had before about the separation of the real and the virtual. A fine read, nonetheless.

2. Partial Objects does some commentary on SETI closing down. The government is stuck in the “now” and always has been, I guess. There is something to be said about the now always having to respond to the future, and I suppose that’s the hole that government is stuck in.

3. Andrew Joseph Ridgeway’s “A Personal Timeline of Sexual Self-Discovery” is brilliant. Read it over at Thought Catalog.

4. Jason Scott says some weird shit about the cloud. I, too, distrust the cloud. However, I don’t know of any companies that will let you upload things and then not get them back. So there you go.

5. Washington Irving wrote about Moon Men without heads invading the Earth. That’s fucking right.

6. Bill Blackbeard, a man who almost single-handedly saved some of the most important American newspaper comics, is dead now.

7. Nick Horny interviewed David Simon once. I know you don’t care about it, but I really do.

8. The AV Club interviewed Werner Herzog. That’s all you need to know.

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