Current Times 5

So “Current Times” is a kind of post that I’m going to resurrect. It’s a link-oriented thing, and I used to post little reviews of the things that I was linking too, but that is way too much effort, and I would rather just show you things that I think are cool.

I think I’ll keep the number of links to around ten every time.

  1. This is a post about games supported by an interesting quote from Blood Meridian about the very nature of games and why human beings love them. I think it is a pitch-perfect reason for video games’ existence.
  2. I think there’s an ideology of blankness that permeates the artistic world on the internet. This post sort of touches on it; I see lots of pictures of blank-faced, white youth with dead eyes. I think there’s something terrible to that being a common photograph. More than that, it’s like living in a Bret Easton Ellis novel, and I hate it.
  3. Here is a wonderful essay by Warren Ellis about science fiction and crime novel. It’s genius and requires a good, hard reading, but it is celebrating the fact that Ellis is going to be writing two novels in the next little while. That’s right.
  4. The film Zizek! is on Google Videos for free. Watch it.
  5. Adam Kotsko talks about some failures of reporting in the current political climate. I, too, fear that Obama might just be bad at his office.
  6. Partial Objects has a really great post on technofetishism and what it means that the possibility for that fetish might be going away. The idea that the drive for technology might become totally sublimated, and that we will just buy iProducts because they are ingrained in us is a special kind of advertising. Ask Scu about his Apple love. I think he will understand and fear that post.
  7. I think this post by David Brin is problematic. He asserts that there’s no space for learning and progress in fantasy, and I think that’s silly. I can’t really conjure up a reason why, but I feel it.
  8. Cormac McCarthy, Werner Herzog, and some guy I don’t care about did Science Friday on NPR. It could be one of the best things that I’ve listened to in a long time.
  9. This chart, called the Periodic Table of Storytelling, is really cool. Go look at it.
  10. This is a great post over at about the nature of dystopia. I’m not sure that all dystopias are science fiction, and I don’t think that science fiction gets to claim all (or most) of them.

Now you know some of the things that I am reading, taking in, accumulating right now. I’ve been up since 6:30am.

Research time.


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