Jodi Dean, Writing, a Semi-Schedule

For a time writing has been a vehicle for a kind of intimacy with which I am comfortable–distant, mediated, reliant on language. And when this starts to change? Too many people on FB to post the stupid updates that come to mind. Twitter doesn’t count. What else is possible? And is is possible for me?

Jodi Dean writes this, and a little more here. This is just a little note to remind myself later, really, but the post gets me thinking about the democracy of writing and what it means to write for a crowd of people. My blog got several hundred hits in the past couple days, which is way more than normal, and I can’t really track back where they all came from. I wasn’t posted about or complained about in any direct way. It just seems like a perfect storm of little thoughts and comments and moments in which people decided to look at this blog.

And those weird little moments make me think about the zeitgeist.

Also, post plans in the next week and some-odd-days, in case you care:

  • A review of the new Kill Screen, which is a magazine about video games. It is serious as fuck and so good.
  • Probably more random pictures. Do people like the picture posts? Leave comments. Let me know.
  • Hopefully a big post about Alan Moore’s Neonomicon.
  • Maybe something about sweatshops.

There we go. Just your bi-annual Sunday update about the happenings of next week.

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  1. I enjoy the photographs. Also, within the next week you should host an open debate on bro humor.

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