On Black Metal 1

So I am watching this film, Until the Light Takes Us, and it’s phenomenal. The lengthy portions of interview with Varg Vikernes are the highlight for me, even if he himself is not–his explanation for black metal is that it was intended to be a political movement. Literally, the birth of the movement is the same kind of rhetoric that we see in discussions of the middle east and insurgencies. I can’t quote exactly, but it is to the effect of: “There are things that we are told we are supposed to like: democracy, the United States, NATO. And we know, in our hearts, that that is wrong.”

And then they burned some churches, killed people, and whatnot.

In any case, watch the documentary and read Vikernes’ wiki page. I think that black metal could only come out of northern Europe, and if I had time right now, I would compare it to D.C. punk. Their approach to appropriation, and what they wanted to take to make theirs, is interesting.

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