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I am kind of TAing for a class that makes students better writers, or something like that, and in that class this week we’ve been talking about different events in lives that make people who they are. And while I’m … Continue reading

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Quote Time 4

‘No,’ said Christ. ‘There are some who live by every rule and cling to their rectitude because they fear being swept away by a tempest of passion, and there are others who cling to the rules because they fear that … Continue reading

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tha nature of it

This 80/20 rule follows from what is called “scale-free networks” in which a small number of nodes with the greatest number of links is followed by an ever larger number of nodes with an even smaller number of links. – … Continue reading

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Pickle and Baby Kitty

These are the kittys. Baby Kitty is the big one, Pickle is the little one. This is what every day is like. Baby Kitty does not like Pickle, and stalks her intermittently throughout the day. Forgive the p&s photos.

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This is what I’m afraid of. It’s just 160+/- pages, but damn. Also, this is how Baby Kitty sleeps sometimes.

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Alvin Greene

Alvin Greene is on the ballot in South Carolina, somehow. Read the link or look at the hundreds of other blogs if you want a real analysis of what happened, but for a second I want to talk about the … Continue reading

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Quote Time 3

As was clear to Rousseau, the excess of religious commitment is a displaced return of the repressed sexual passion: the true factor of de-sexualization is not religious spirituality but the atheistic Enlightenment which dissolves passion with cold utilitarian understanding, reducing … Continue reading

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