So I’ve been reading Goethe’s Faust over the past couple days, and I’m going to share a quote that I think is particularly poignant. The work is just phenomenal, and I really think that everyone should take the time to at least read through it.

I am no god: I feel it all too deeply.
I am the worm that writhes in dust: see,
As in the dust it lives, and seeks to eat,
It’s crushed and buried by the passing feet.
Is this not dust, what these vaults hold,
These hundred shelves that cramp me:
This junk, and all the thousand-fold
Shapes, of a moth-ridden world, around me?
Will I find here what I’m lacking else,
Shall I read, perhaps, as a thousand books insist,
That Mankind everywhere torments itself,
So, here and there, some happy man exists? – Goethe, Faust lns652-663

The second thing that I have to say is that I’m preparing a comics anthology of various artists and people I know. If you’d be interested in contributing something to the project, just comment here with your email address and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I just have this drive to make things that I think needs to be sated. I like holding comics in my hands, and I think others do, so lets get this show on the road.

The other thing that I have to say is that yesterday and friend and I went to a comic book shop to buy, well, comics. There was a quite large (300lbs+) man-boy with shocking red hair wandering around in his Hot Topic pants while wearing a fedora. My friend and I shared a thought: there is a very fine line between that guy and us. We must always make sure that line is there.

I received some books about poststructural bodies and French comics in the mail today. Good day.

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