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“Like a sack with an animal trapped inside”: on the quizzle

I just finished Jonathan Fast’s The Secrets of Synchronicity, and while the book on the whole isn’t so great, there’s a section later in the book that has to do with quizzles. “Quizzles? What’s a quizzle?” “It’s a lump of rock,” … Continue reading

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Walter Miller’s Alien Invader

It swam like an airborne jellyfish. A cluster of silver threads it seemed, tangled in a cloud of filaments–or a giant mass of dandelion fluff. It leaked out misty pseudopods, then drew them back as it pulled itself through the … Continue reading

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Josephine Saxton on science fiction

What I would really like is for readers to read my work, not only SF fans, who have, like rubber fetishists and gourmets, Special Tastes, and often cannot enjoy anything outside their label. Let me put in a plea, not … Continue reading

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Colonization by Mezieres

I am super busy getting ready for a conference so I don’t have time for proper bloggings. Here is a one-page comic called “Colonization” by Jean-Claude Mezieres. I think it is pretty cool.   From Heavy Metal vol.2 #1

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A Charles Vess Art

An untitled Charles Vess drawing/painting/art from Heavy Metal #12

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The Long Tomorrow

“The Long Tomorrow” is a short story by Dan O’Bannon and Moebius that appeared in Heavy Metal in 1977. Serialized over several issues, “The Long Tomorrow” is (probably) one of the more influential pieces of future noir; Ridley Scott supposedly based the … Continue reading

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Editor’s Note to Heavy Metal v1 #8

In our local bookstore and yours, too, in the section where the self-help books were (replacing the women’s liberation books, which in turn had replaced the American Indian volumes after the Black Studies tomes), we now find shelves of science … Continue reading

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The Opening Editor’s Note for Heavy Metal Magazine

Metal Hurlant means “screaming metal” — whatever that means. It was, and still is, issued by the Associated Humanoids. The magazine appears to be the work of an alien intelligence, as indeed it is. It is French. French is a … Continue reading

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Chauncey Devega Went To A Science Fiction Convention

Chauncey Devega, self-proclaimed “ghetto nerd” and writer of We Are Respectable Negroes, went to Chicon 7 and wrote about the experience. Anyone who has ever been to a “nerd event” will recognize everything that occurred in the “Good” and the “Bad” … Continue reading

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Video Games and Parochialism

John H. Stevens has an article over at SF Signal titled “De-Parochializing SF Criticism: Is It Really Necessary? Or Even Possible?” The article is part of a larger column that he does weekly (?) about science fiction/fantasy and how those … Continue reading

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