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A Magic Ad From 1997

I have nothing to say about this wonderful Magic: The Gathering ad other than it is perfect in all ways. “Like the magic of life, you can’t win if you don’t play.”

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The Most Interesting Cards in Magic Origins

I wrote about the most interesting cards in Magic Origins for Paste. Like the Archangel of Tithes: This is an angel who flies around and generally makes your life more difficult. That’s the general tone of angels in Magic, so … Continue reading

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Three Animals At Play

Most biologists have assumed that play has indeed had some constructive purpose in species and individual evolution, and their advocacy is itself a much grander conceptualization than any modern attempts to rationalize human play simply as growth or socialization. The … Continue reading

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Henricks on “the crucible of human experience”

Consistently, in Marxian thought society is seen as something of a workshop. That is, the world is less an object to behold or contemplate than an artifice that has been created and then inhabited. The setting–with its machines, sawdust, and … Continue reading

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Designing Horror: Hugo’s House of Horrors

This post is part of the Designing Horror series. Game: Hugo’s House of Horrors (a complete playthrough at youtube) I picked this game because Darius suggested it to me over Twitter. I remember the game faintly–it was on one of those shareware … Continue reading

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On Brenda Brathwaite’s TED Talk

Some of you might know that I had TED talks. They’re generally a method for telling “uncomfortable truths” with surprising solvency strategies couched in corporate language that tries to sell us a brave new future. What I am saying is … Continue reading

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Current Times 23

1. This is a collection of the Wizard “how to draw female comic characters” by Livejournal user Ratcreature, and it is brilliant. There is something wildly strange about it, and it illustrates (hah) really well how ideology concerning gender is communicated … Continue reading

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