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New Game: Napoleon Loves Waterslides

Today I was watching Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (currently on Netflix), and I thought it was incredibly funny that there’s an entire subplot of the movie which is, fundamentally, “Napoleon’s Adventures in San Dimas.” So I made a game about it. … Continue reading

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Ten Minutes in Gamer Culture

[Content warning: This post contains slurs of all sorts quoted from a match of Call of Duty that I played. They are shocking and awful.] I start hearing him in my first match of the evening. I’m playing Ghosts, I get the … Continue reading

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Paul Virilio on the origins of interactivity

INTERACTIVITY was actually born in the nineteenth century — with the telegraph, certainly, but also and especially with clinical electricity, which involved planting electrodes on the faces of the human guinea pigs used in such ‘medical art’ as practised by … Continue reading

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A conversation about concerns in videogame journalism

This is a Storify I made of a conversation I had with a #gamersgate advocate. There’s a lot to parse about the “controversy” that has been going on, but the short timeline of facts is this: Zoe Quinn’s ex-boyfriend makes … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Team Fortress 2

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Raphael Sfeir’s “Other Side”

Other Side starts with two beings floating away from the player character, and after they’ve ascended, the player walks until she finds a set of stones. The stones light up, deliver tones, but very little else. The player wanders until she … Continue reading

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Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, and deliberate action

A few days ago Cara Ellison wrote a wonderful piece about Tomb Raider and the difference between the earlier and later games in the series. My experience with Tomb Raider as a kid was limited to buying it in a bargain bin and having … Continue reading

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