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On Bluebeard

I first read Kurt Vonnegut’s Bluebeard in middle school when I ripped through all of his books that I could get my hands on in a whirlwind from Hocus Pocus to Slapstick to Deadeye Dick and beyond. I found them in rural bookstores, at flea markets, at … Continue reading

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On Timesplitters 2

A little while ago I wrote about Timesplitters, the Playstation heir to the design minds and concepts that delivered the ultimate party game of the end of history (the 1990s), Goldeneye. Now, based on some voting from my Patreon users, I’m taking you … Continue reading

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Rosi Braidotti on the future

TVWhat makes the project of the nomadic programmatic, or utopian? Rosi Braidotti: Let’s call it programmatic; maybe that’s a better term than utopian here. I call to actively embrace this ethic of affirmation. We need to borrow the energy from … Continue reading

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Released: Marginalia

For some reason I forgot to post this over here, but Connor Sherlock and I recently released a Dear Esther-like horror game about temporality, longing, and loss called Marginalia. Also, some real creepy feelings (but no jump scares!) There are two … Continue reading

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Announcing: Micromolar

I’m incredibly pleased to announce Micromolar. Micromolar is a collaborative media creation unit comprised of HNT/KNZLMN. We make interactive art, video art, music, and other forms of contemporary “oh wow” kind of stuff. You can see our first piece, Ovis Baggi, here. … Continue reading

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Destiny’s Raid Is Interesting Because It Is A Game

I was reading this phenomenal (really, just great) interview that Kirk Hamilton did with Luke Smith, a designer on Destiny‘s Vault of Glass raid, and I was struck by the following questions and answers: It’s funny, there are fourteen unique ways … Continue reading

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On Bernband

I see people walking toward me, but they’re not really people, just strange aliens that don’t quite cohere into any particular shape when I get close. That’s what marks Bernband: nothing makes any more sense as you get closer to it. … Continue reading

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