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Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch

I went to the latest Pro Tour event, and you can read my write up of the event over at Paste.

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On Jessa Crispin’s “The Dead Ladies Project”

The Dead Ladies Project is a collection of essays centered around Jessa Crispin’s travels in the shadows of the writers she’s fascinated with. The subtitle, “Exiles, Expats, & Ex-Countries,” almost doesn’t manage to touch what’s actually going on in the volume, … Continue reading

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On Broken Age

A few weeks ago I played through Broken Age, the “Double Fine Adventure” that went through a rollercoaster of development, release, and fan-relationship troubles. It’s an adventure-game-ass adventure game, and being true to the lineage of a very particular time period … Continue reading

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Oath of the Gatewatch’s Most Interesting Cards

I’ve been writing lists of the most interesting cards of the most recent Magic: The Gathering sets, and the articles are somewhere between useful and total frivolity. I just wrote another one about Oath of the Gatewatch. I’m literally writing about the … Continue reading

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Constance Penley on Fan Fiction and NASA

I got back into space and its fictions in the mid-1980s by hanging out with some very interesting women from around the country who write homoerotic, pornographic, utopian romances that take place in the Star Trek universe. Fellow academics have suggested that … Continue reading

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Let’s Play Rollercoaster Tycoon – Bumbly Beach

This was the level that I was super excited about playing through in my Let’s Play of Rollercoaster Tycoon. I love the spatial setting of the entire thing–it is right in the middle of some rowhouses and a beach. It’s something … Continue reading

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Gamestop Publishes A Game, Is Not A Publisher

“We are not attempting to be publishers here,” he told MCV. “We are simply taking a great opportunity to collaborate in a non-traditional way, and trust that the combination of all these great ingredients we have put in make for … Continue reading

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