Riff Raff and Haters

In an interview with VLADTV, Riff Raff was asked about haters. It starts at about 1:53 into the video.

How do you deal with haters?

I don’t. That’s the whole deal. I don’t deal with them. Because no matter what you do, on a however people want to take…a music level, whatever, somebody is not gonna like you. But then you want to go up to a higher category, talking about somebody like me, who’s somebody who is…EASILY to hate upon before you even listen to anything, do anything, hear anything I do. I don’t care!

Those are the people who are never my fans, who are never gonna buy my CDs, never gonna go to my shows–or they might even buy a ticket to go to my shows but they’ll just stand there in the back all mad and stuff. I can’t change that person’s life.

A hater is somebody you can’t change them, you can’t make them happy. They are unhappyable. You can’t do anything; if you gave a hater a ten billion dollar check they still ain’t gonna be happy.

‘Cause in their bloodlines, its in their generation after generations. They grandfathers was haters, his daddy was a damn hater, his momma’s momma was hatin’ on my damn grandma. They was trippin’ way back in the 1700s on a chariot. They on a chariot and they like “man look at that bitch on that damn chariot” and its my grandma–trippin’ ’cause she ridin’ on a candy chariot. ‘Cause they on a chariot, ’cause they got better horses and shit.

Don’t get mad because they got better horses and chariots.

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