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Courtney Stanton’s Every Day

Courtney Stanton made a game in Twine about her day to day life. It is called every day. It follows the pattern of every day; the title should reveal that to you. I don’t have much to write about it–to … Continue reading

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On Game Centered Criticism

So I woke up yesterday morning and did some work and then read Twitter. There were some tweets that Patricia Hernandez made about games and games criticism. So I wrote some tweets and she responded to them and we had … Continue reading

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Designing Horror: imscared

This post is part of the Designing Horror series. Game: imscared by Ivan Zanotti I’ve learned a few things about horror games while doing the Designing Horror series. I’ve learned that there are about five different tricks used to generate horror … Continue reading

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On Dear Esteban

So I just finished Dear Esteban.  Dear Esteban is the product of Fuck This Jam, a game jam that was dedicated to making games that the designers, well, fucking hate. The jam page for Dear Esteban sums up the point of the game nicely: The … Continue reading

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Guattari on the Post-Media Era

The emergence of these new practices of subjectivation of a post-media era will be greatly facilitated by a concerted reappropriation of communicational and information technology, assuming they increasingly allow for: 1. The formation of forms of dialogue and collective interactivity … Continue reading

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Thacker on Aesthetics and Biomedia

Whoa – well, if biotech is the after-party of the Enlightenment, then I’d hate to imagine what the hang-over the next morning will be…But what if biotech is not really about hyper-rationality, but really about something else – like aesthetics, … Continue reading

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A Diagram of Principles

So the Institute of Critical Animal Studies released their new diagram of ten principles. I am reproducing it below. It got me thinking. I thought a lot. I thought so much. And then I made my own. I present to … Continue reading

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merritt kopas on games and education

What I like about dys4ia over a film or textual narrative in this case is that it drives home the systematic nature of gender regulation. Too often, students come away from (often tragic) films or written accounts about gender and … Continue reading

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On Final Fantasy VIII

1. Lets get the boring stuff out of the way. Final Fantasy VIII is often derided as being the worst Final Fantasy game of the PSX era. As this very whatever article on Edge puts it: “The standard line on the trio of PlayStation … Continue reading

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The Massive is Totally Rad: A Short Bit and Some Backmatter from The Massive #6

So I am a complete and unabashed fan of The Massive. The concept sells itself: the world has undergone a series of massive ecological catastrophes. You know all of the possible things that could go wrong with the environment because of anthropogenic … Continue reading

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