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On Wonder Woman

I had no opinion about Wonder Woman until I read All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder. None at all. It is no secret that I’m not a DC kid. I’ve read the major stories from the past few years, some … Continue reading

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On Doin’ The Right Thing

For a while I was going through comic shop $1 bins and buying up anything that looked weird. I don’t really know why I was doing that–it seemed like a good idea. With comics like Adventure floating around in the world, how … Continue reading

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On the New Mass Effect 3 Ending

So it finally happened. The collective supergeek cried out and shattered the shield. Bioware was defenseless. They retreated, started remixing and photoshopping, and now we have a new downloadable set of endings for the Mass Effect franchise. And they aren’t … Continue reading

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On The Raid: Redemption

I’m behind the times. It was only this past Sunday that I was finally able to see The Raid: Redemption. I’ve been following it a long time–Doug Benson reviewed it favorably on one of his podcasts. David Brothers had brilliant things … Continue reading

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On Cinders

I first came upon Cinders via a Rock, Paper, Shotgun mini-article about the game. It is a visual novel created by the team at MoaCube, and for some reason, the little article (which is the same size and shape as a hundred other … Continue reading

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Current Times 27

This is a post of links to interesting things surrounding games and comics across the internet–think of it as a poor individual’s Critical Distance or “The Sunday Papers” over at RPS. Click here to see past “Current Times.” 1. Marcus Iwinski of CD … Continue reading

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On Cloonan’s Wolves

This post contains spoilers for Becky Cloonan’s comic Wolves. I suggest that you go buy the comic and read it here. It is ninety nine cents; being tax-free because of magical internet money, it actually costs less than anything else you could … Continue reading

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On Crogan’s Gameplay Mode: War, Simulation, and Technoculture

Patrick Crogan is concerned with the future. First and foremost, he is concerned with how the future is created, and more importantly, he is concerned about the myriad ways that high tech society has developed to control the future. Gameplay Mode is … Continue reading

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More Comics in Warfare

I just moved to Atlanta, which means that I have transported a stupid amount of books. From this experience, I have gathered that I really want to pare down the number of books that I own. That said, most of … Continue reading

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A Design Interview with Edmund McMillen

Edmund McMillen, one half of Team Meat, posted an interview that he did at some point in the past to his blog this weekend. It is an hour and a half long, which is pretty long, but he also touches … Continue reading

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