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Music Time 35

Still really busy trying to finish up the semester. Have some music that I have been digging recently. “Eight Line Poem” by David Bowie from Hunky Dory.

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Abjection and the Video Game

Over at RPS, Jim Rossignol has a great article up about the way that bodily functions are represented and accounted for in video games. Rossignol highlights two reasons that biological functions like eating, urinating, etc. are included in games: 1. … Continue reading

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I Have Feelings About Handheld Video Games

I purchased a DSi. The last time that I had a handheld system was probably in middle school and elementary school. I played my Pokemon Red and Blue, my Dragon Warriors, my Dragon Warrior Monsters. A Link to the Past got … Continue reading

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Kill Screen Interviews Ken Levine

I am going to see Jacques Ranciere later today, so I don’t have time to make a well thought-out post, but I did happen to see this fascinating interview with Ken Levine that Kill Screen posted the other day. I recommend reading the … Continue reading

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Is the Aura the Same as Affect? A Response to a Lingering Question

I have a friend who has been asking Benjamin scholars, for a few years now, if affect and the aura are the same thing. It is a fair question, and there isn’t a hard answer to it, but I am … Continue reading

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A Quick Bit on Ellis’ Supergod

I am really busy. The semester is ending. I have books about feminism and science fiction to read, as well as some fairy tales. It has been that kind of year. Anyway, I read Warren Ellis’ Supergod this past weekend. If you … Continue reading

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Ten Disjointed Thoughts About American Vampire

American Vampire is Scott Snyder and Rafael Albequerque’s interpretation of vampire mythology in comics form. I read the first twenty five issues yesterday in one go. Here are some disjointed, but numbered, thoughts that I had about the comic so far. … Continue reading

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On The Republia Times

So somewhere on the internet I found a link to this game called The Republia Times (or just Republia) by Lucas Pope. The basic idea is that you are a newspaper editor in an oppressive regime whose family is being … Continue reading

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On the Authorship of Games

I am sure that everyone has read the article in The Atlantic about Jonathan Blow. If you haven’t, here it is. Here is a quick list of what I learned from the article: 1. Jonathan Blow is kind of a dick. 2. … Continue reading

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David Brothers on Before Watchmen

If you haven’t been keeping up with the comic news, you might not know that DC Comics has decided to publish a…thing called Before Watchmen. The basic concept is that there will be 35 or so issues of prequel stories to Alan … Continue reading

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